European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

European Federation
of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

AGM 2013

The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA) was held in Prague, Czech Republic on 9 November. Fourteen nations were represented, including observers from Italy and Spain.

On Friday, there was a social programme. It started with a fascinating visit to the Slatinany stud and hippological museum, with a stop on the way home to look at the fences on the Pardubice race course. This was followed with a tram tour of the historic areas of the city, and dinner in a small brewery.

On the Saturday, we had the AGM in the hotel. The President, Peter Frosch (Sweden), opened the proceedings by welcoming the observers from Italy and the Madrid associations, and by thanking the Czech association for hosting the meeting. After an overview from the Czech association of the recent history of farriery in the Czech Republic, the President outlined the major activities during the year. Chief amongst these had been a very successful Educational Event in Denmark.

The Treasurer, Andreas Furgler (Switzerland) provided accounts for the year 2012/13, which had been audited by Martin Leahy (Ireland), and the budget for the year 2013/14. The financial position was satisfactory and did not require any increase in subscriptions, but did need a tight control of expenditure.

The Registrar, Miles Williamson-Noble (UK), reported that in 2013 there had been an Accreditation Board visit to France to look at the BTM training and examination. The final results of the practical shoemaking were still awaited, but subject to these the Accreditation Board was recommending approval of the BTM as meeting the EFFA standards. This was endorsed by the delegates. Re-accreditation visits were planned for Denmark, Switzerland and Finland in 2014.The number of Certified Euro-Farriers as at November 2013 was 1469. This was slightly less than the 1512 in 2012, largely because of a reduction in numbers from Germany arising as a result of the EDHV decision to charge members for registration rather than including it in the price of their annual association subscription.

Dates and hosts for future events were agreed:

  • Educational Event
    • 2015 France
    • 2017 Finland
    • 2019 UK
  • European Championships
    • 2014 United Kingdom
    • 2016 Denmark
  • Annual General Meeting
    • 2014 Hungary
    • 2015 Switzerland
    • 2016 Ireland
    • 2017 Netherlands

A questionnaire had been issued to all national associations asking for their views on Continuing Professional Development, also known as Lifelong Learning. The results of this questionnaire were presented to delegates who then went on to discuss what involvement EFFA should have. It was felt that EFFA should prepare and publicise a list of potential speakers, but should not at this time take a direct part in presenting or managing CPD. A working party should be formed in about 3 years’ time to review the position.

The English language version of eHoof was nearing completion, and Michael Weishaupt (Switzerland) gave a review of the programme, plans for the release of the English version and ideas for future work in support of CPD.

Andreas Furgler (Switzerland), Miles Williamson-Noble (UK) and Siegfried Dauner (Switzerland) were all standing down from the Executive Board It had been agreed in 2012 that Ginny Ifould (UK) would assume the role of Registrar. Chris Oomen (Netherlands) was voted onto the Board and would assume the duties of Secretary. Michael Kjaer (Denmark) would act as Board Member with responsibility for finance, but the detailed duties of Treasurer would be performed by Marianne Gullbrand (Denmark). Howard Cooper (UK) would stand down as Chairman of the Accreditation Board once a suitable replacement had completed one or two visits under instruction. Flemming Christensen (Denmark) was voted in as Chairman elect.

The meeting finished with a summary from representatives of the member associations of recent changes in farriery training and management in their countries, and a discussion of ways in which farriers in countries that had not been accredited as meeting the EFFA standards of training and examination might be able to qualify for recognition as Certified Euro-Farriers.

At a dinner following the AGM, the President, Peter Frosch, thanked the outgoing Board members for their efforts on behalf of EFFA, and presented each of them with an illustrated book on Prague and its history.

The next EFFA AGM will be held in Budapest (Hungary), 6 - 8 November 2014