European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

European Federation
of Farriers Associations (EFFA)


Hungarian International Farriery Competition 2012

We have just had the very first international farrier competition in Hungary.

It was a successful event in the North-Eastern part of the country in the National Park of Aggtelek.

We are proud to have had two past-presidents of EFFA, David Gulley and Denis Leveillard as judges for the competitors arriving from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania - and Hungary.

They were roughly similar in their skills which became evident from the points gained (e.g. the winner 643,3 and the second 639,1). Beside the traditional tasks to be performed, a cork-screw had to be prepared to open a bottle of wine.

David and Denis were kind enough to join in to this competition.

The president of the Hungarian Farrier Association, Zsolt Ormándi, managed to collect sponsorship for some EUR 5,000 thus none of the participants left empty handed.

We have high hopes that a tradition was founded last weekend .

Photographs of the competition are available here and video here