European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

European Federation
of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

Certified Euro-Farrier


In November 2008 the European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA) announced the launch of the Europe-wide qualification Certified Euro-Farrier (CE-F). Member associations of EFFA can propose a national diploma or certificate for accreditation by EFFA. EFFA's accreditation board will be invited to an examination of this diploma or certificate and will check the examination, but also the education and apprenticeship against the EFFA's Standards of Competence and will decide if the AGM of EFFA can be proposed to accredite the diploma or certificate. After acceptance by the AGM of EFFA the national association can nominate working farriers with the diploma or certificate to become Certified Euro-Farrier. They receive an annual vehicle window sticker and are entitled to put CE-F after their names. EFFA's Standards of Competence were developed by the member associations with assistance from the European Community's Leonardo da Vinci project.

The aims of the Certified Euro-Farrier scheme are to :

  • Provide recognition for those who  have achieved the necessary standards of competence 
  • Provide a means of identifying  properly trained and qualified farriers from other countries. This is  particularly important for horse owners in view of recent EU legislation  allowing farriers to practise in other countries purely on the basis of  experience 
  • Encourage countries without  qualifications or with lower level qualifications to raise standards of  farriery to meet the EFFA Standards of Competence