European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

European Federation
of Farriers Associations (EFFA)


Most European countries have national qualifications relating to the basic training of farriers up to a standard where they are safe to work on horses in either an employed or self-employed basis. The majority of these training schemes include on-the-job work experience with a Master Farrier, as well as theoretical training, standard setting and examination at a college. They vary in duration from one or two to four years.

In order to give horse owners an indication of those individuals who have received an internationally recognised course of basic training, EFFA developed a set of appropriate standards, and has started a programme of accrediting national training and examination schemes against these standards. National associations which have been accredited as meeting these standards are entitled to recommend individuals who have completed this training, or an equivalent, for recognition as Certified Euro-Farriers.

It is one of EFFA’s Objectives to encourage all member nations to reach or exceed these standards in their basic farrier training.

Copies of the EFFA standards are available in English, French and German under the Downloads available on this site.

Some countries also offer higher level qualifications relating to remedial farriery or original research. To date, EFFA has not tried to harmonise these higher level qualifications, leaving it to the national associations to decide what they want and what standards should be required.