European Federation of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

European Federation
of Farriers Associations (EFFA)

AGM 2011

The Annual General Meeting of EFFA was held in Barcelona on 18 November at the kind invitation of Associació de Ferradors de Catalunya. There were 31 delegates from 13 nations, plus 2 guests from Algeria.

The President summarised the main achievements in 2011, including the successful educational event in Aarberg, input to the revision of the EC Directive on Professional Qualifications, and Leonardo da Vinci funding for translating the e-learning tool eHoof from German into English.

The Accreditation Board visited Ireland in September. The Board was satisfied that the standards of training and examination met those required by EFFA, and recommended Ireland for accreditation. This was agreed, and Ireland now joins Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Catalonia, Holland, Sweden and the United Kingdom in being entitled to nominate Certified Euro-Farriers.

The Registrar had spoken with the Federation of European Equine Veterinary Associations about possible links between the two associations.  Delegates were strongly in favour of this, and felt that it would help in getting farriery more widely recognised as being an animal welfare not a metalworking craft.

Significant events in 2012 are the European Championships in Austria in August, World Skills Europe in Belgium in October and the Annual General Meeting in Finland in November.

EFFA AGM Barcelona (Spain), 17th - 20st November 2011

EFFA AGM 2011 - Barcelona (Spain)

17th - 20st November 2011 Hotel Catalonia Ramblas / Barcelona